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Joe Behlen Co-Chair

I grew up in rural Wisconsin and, like most kids at the time that lived in rural areas, I belonged to 4H. In 4H you learn and work toward having a head with clearer thinking, which means education; and having a heart for greater loyalty, which means your responsibility in living in a democracy and as a citizen of the world; we learned to have hands for larger service, which means helping those in need; and finally health for better living, which means self-care and having a healthy environment to live in. All of these are values that Democrats put into policy to improve our society.

I also grew up Catholic. Catholic social teaching taught me that we are to respect the entire spectrum of life, from birth to death and anything less falls short of what God asks of us. That means we to are respect all people at all stages of life without judgment, as Jesus did. It means respect for God’s creation, because you can’t love your neighbor as yourself, if you are destroying the planet that is supporting you, your neighbor, and the rest of creation. These, too, are values of Democrats, and that is why I joined.      


Georgia Winters


I am a retired RN and spent my entire career working at Marshfield Medical Center (formerly St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield).  I started out as a nursing assistant then a staff RN (in 1981) and the last 20 or so years of my career I was a case manager.  In March of 2023, the day of my 43rd anniversary with the hospital, I retired. I was born in Western Wisconsin, graduated from Holcombe High School and went to nursing school at the former St. Joseph’s School of Nursing.  I met my husband of 40 years, Rick at “the Wood” County UW Extension where he had come back to visit a former roommate.  He is a retired teacher, coach and current school board member of Pittsville School District.  We raised 2 wonderful sons, and have been blessed to add 2 fabulous daughters-in-law and 3 perfect grandchildren to fill out our family tree.  We live in a home we love in Pittsville and are forever grateful for all the blessings in our life.


I am proud to say I have been instrumental in a Community Meal program at our little church in Pittsville.  The United Church of Christ- Pittsville has sponsored this Community Meal available to anyone that wants to come.  While there is a basket for those who want to contribute to keep it going, there is no charge for the meal and we have served thousands of meals since 2008.


I have been a Democrat most of my life, very drawn to the platform of helping those who are less fortunate raise up to be their best self.  I was a foster child from about age 8 and know first hand that the programs to assist those in need can make a big difference.  I became more politically involved when Scott Walker brought Act 10 to the State of Wisconsin, seeming to target teachers.  I know of no other group that should be demonized less than our public school teachers and I picketed with the teachers on their behalf (which seemed rather strange in my 50’s).  I joined the Democratic Party in 2016 when I felt I needed to become more involved and not just complain in my living room to someone who already agreed with me.  I have enjoyed working to get Democratic candidates elected and will be in charge of the picnic in July 2024.  

Kathleen Rulka Co-Chair

I have been in Marshfield since 2007. I am a retired Marriage & Family Therapist and Clinical Chaplain and spent my professional career in Palliative Care and Hospice, caring for patients and families in End of Life Care. I am also an artist with clay and glass as my media. I enjoy creating opportunities for people to come together to create public art displays. I became more active in politics when my husband, Brian Ewert, ran for 7th Congressional District in 2018.  Since then, I ran as a write-in candidate for the 69th Assembly seat, and then, in 2020, was elected Co-Chair of the Wood County Democratic Party, beginning January 1, 2021. I love networking with people and organizing for change. If you want to volunteer for the Wood County Democratic Party, there are many ways we can use your gifts and talents!







Chris Stargardt

Vice Co-Chair

I was born in Marshfield and have lived most of my life here. I graduated from Ripon College majoring in Economics and History. After college, I worked in Milwaukee and then Iowa. I returned to Marshfield to work at my family’s car dealership which was later sold. I was hired as a 911 operator and police/fire/EMS dispatcher for the City of Marshfield. When Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids and Wood County combined their dispatch centers, I worked at the combined center for a little over two years before returning to the Marshfield Police Department as a records specialist. I retired from MPD in February 2022 and returned as a temporary part-time employee in July 2023.

I am married and have 2 daughters, 1 son-in-law and 2 grandsons. My family is one of the primary reasons I joined Wood County Democrats. My youngest daughter identifies as lesbian and my two grandsons are biracial. I fear for their futures in a country if Republicans hold power; Republicans who don’t recognize my daughter as a person with the same rights as every other citizen and my grandsons who may be racially profiled and marginalized. If I don’t do all I can to support and promote Democrats and our values, I will feel like I failed them.

In addition to being the Volunteer Coordinator for Wood County Democrats, I volunteer at Soup or Socks Food Pantry and in the office at my church. I like to travel with family and friends. For fun, I like to read historical fiction and murder mystery novels. I also like to play cards, board games, sudoku and Wordle.

Lucy Cannon


I am the Delegate at Large for the Wood Co. Democrats. I was a nurse for over fifty years, with 41 years at St. Joseph’s here in Marshfield. I was in charge of our TLC program for ten years, which is a program to help parents whose baby has died. I’ve been involved with the Democratic Party since Scott Walker was doing his best to tear down our teachers. My husband, who is also very involved in the party, and I have five children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

I was always involved in hospital committees, but since retiring, I have volunteered in Peds at the hospital, and now do the Nuclear Med waiting room on Wednesday afternoons. I also have been watching the babies at North Ridge Church for their “mom’s” meetings for many years. I am also a Board Member of Partners of Marshfield Medical Center, organizing membership and hours.  My hope is to bring democracy and hope for all the people of our country.



Franklin Pyles

I have retired here in Marshfield after living in a number of both large and small cities. My wife and I are active in our church and love to take long walks around Marshfield as well as help our busy daughter and her children. I was very involved with local community issues in Detroit, Michigan, and hope to bring some of that background to bear on our local issues. I read the biographies of U.S Presidents as a hobby.



Georgette Frazer

I retired from a 25-plus-year practice as a CPA and Certified Financial Planner in Marshfield.  My work life also included teaching economics and accounting at the local UW campus. As an active community volunteer, I am a past president of the Marshfield Rotary Club, Main Street Marshfield, and Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  I also served on the City of Marshfield’s 2021 Redistricting Committee. 

I have a particular interest in issues impacting voting rights, equity, local farmers and the environment, and I currently serve on the Board of Directors of McMillan Warner Mutual Insurance Company, a Wisconsin farm mutual insurance company based in Marshfield.  My husband of 37 years, Don Beyer, and I live in Marshfield, and we have two grown sons and two granddaughters.

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